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Introduction This blog was created as a resource for fans of Pre-Heresy World Eaters, and also to chart my progress as I built the force and mused on different ideas for it! At present the blog is inhabiting limbo, the place between projects ongoing and ones which have been shelved. My interest in Pre-heresy (and 40k in general) is being propped up by the Black Library books and the wonderful community that has grown around discussing it, and absolutely no progress has been made on the modelling, painting and game playing side of things for at least 6 months! That being said, the chaps over at the Great Crusade forum (go take a look!) are organising an event for March 2013 which I am planning on attending. Will the 13th legion then be collecting skulls via boarding torpedoes in space, or even at the 6mm scale? Quite possibly! In the meantime, please let me know any thoughts and comments with an aim to make this blog a better resource for World Eater players!