I.B. Nosey

About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Pukelitzer Award Winning Cyberspace Journalist
Location Gum Drop Island, In Bookdom
Links Audio Clip
Introduction Loud, brass, and tastelessly attired, I.B. Nosey is famed for his exuberant “Greetings, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter!” He seeks answers to the kind of probing questions no accredited journalist would deem intelligent, let alone newsworthy enough, to ask. Fleet of foot, wide of mouth, and fluent of tongue-in-cheek, I.B. Nosey’s unique interviewing style is comparable to none.
Interests Reporting real, true, actual, factual, official unofficial chocolate-loving news, buddy!
Favorite Music I.B. Nosey Theme Song
Favorite Books Ahoy, Gum Drop!, Ahoy, Out There!, Ahoy, Mummy Mia!