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Introduction I remember redeeming my Blue Chip stamps for a ping-pong table. I wish I had the recipe for Blum’s coffee crunch cake. I curled my hair to make it straight. We took Sunday drives. I loved strawberry flavor straws. I went to Ohrbach’s and Woolworth’s. I was a big fan of Howdy Doody, Pinky Lee, and Sheriff John. I learned how to type on a typewriter. I attached a tiger tail to my car antenna. I loved Cubby, Karen, and Pollyana. I didn’t have to add a zip code to my letters. I took tests on mimeographed sheets. I watched the Beatles on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” Then I graduated high school, attended UCLA for a bachelors and graduate degree (and got married somewhere in-between), had a baby, worked as a librarian, operations manager, and office administrator, had another baby, greeted my baby’s baby, and eventually started my own website.
Favorite Movies Driving Miss Daisy