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Introduction I love God, my husband, my sons, my family, my friends. I try to find balance in an unbalanced world. I love living in Washington but am a Wisconsin Girl at heart. I love being an RN in Long Term Care. I am thankful EVERY day for my parents and the support they have given me on my 31 year journey thus far. I love a hot bath and a clean house. I think Erik and I will have more kids, and maybe adopt, but it is not up to us in the grand scheme. I love skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading, yoga, golf. I hate conflict and I love listening. I strive to live by the virtues of Discernment, Innocence, Authenticity, Modesty, Reverence, Contentment, and Generosity. I love the Green Bay Packers and Fantasy Football. I love how my baby sisters have developed into gorgeous women and are in love! I hate olives, running late, and wearing make-up. I love following Dave Ramsey's plan to "Live like no one else so we can Live and Give like no one else". My soft spot is for animals. I love the saying "Life is lived between the cup of coffee and the glass of wine"... and in my case, I prefer the coffee STRONG, and the wine RED! (Oh and did I mention, I love my husband?!)
Favorite Books Awakening the Quieter Virtues, Heartfelt Discipline, The Lost Dogs, Praying for Boys, Desperate, Crazy Love, Give Them Grace, The Sacred Romance, Own Your Life