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Occupation Home Manager
Location Roseburg, Oregon
Introduction I have been rescued by my Savior, Jesus Christ! Because of Him, I am able to love my husband and children unconditionally and with great joy. Jesus has blessed me with an abundance of contentment. I know I am right where He wants me, and every day He shows me opportunities to glorify Him in what He is asking me to do as a wife, mother and homemaker. I live a modest life that is full of appreciation. I am married to a man that loves and serves the Lord unashamedly. Jesus has blessed us with 4 boys who all call Him Father, and we are eager to embrace His future plans for our family, whether it is to increase in size or not. We don't call the shots...we take great comfort in letting Him do that. Our lives circle around our Lord, and He provides a wonderful center full of love. joy. peace. patience. kindness. goodness. faithfulness. gentleness. self-control. Oh, how we cling to His promise that by living in the Spirit we will produce this fruit of His! We truly are His *flock*, and He is our Loving Shepherd.
Interests Praying with my husband, Engaging in my children's lives, Using the gifts God has given me, Seeking out God's gifts in my children, Laughing with my family, Laughing in general!, Talking to the Lord, Conversations with my mom, The night sky, Landscaping and Yardwork, Painting, Organization, Decorating

Chicken monkey shoes?

Sounds like something my kids would go around repeating non-stop until they either got tired of it, or got in trouble for not stopping!