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Occupation Designer
Location United States
Introduction I am a woman who has spent a lifetime getting over my childhood. I now say that it is possible even if it has taken me this long. I did this at first with the help of Al-Anon and then with the help of many other spiritual pursuits. I now believe that any path will work as long as you truly believe you will get there instinctively you already know the way. All paths are a big circle that leads back to you. With persistence you can unravel any hurt you have experienced. You can find a way to let it go and realize that it is our own memory that keeps the pain alive. I have learned that when you do let go your life feels strange and empty without the pain. Feeling free is unfamiliar and you want to go back and sometimes we do until we can see that it is our choice stay in pain or get use to the freedom letting go gives. My wish for everyone is to know that it is worth letting go.
Interests Freedom, a spiritual life, reading, writing, painting, all things creative
Favorite Movies Stranger then Fiction, Somethings Got to Give, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Music Cowboy Junkies, Pink