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Introduction Artistic Statement We are kept in their mindset as “vanished peoples.” Or as workers, not creators…And what does this erasing of individual identity do to us? Can you believe you exist if you look in a mirror and see no reflection? And what happens when one group controls the mirror market? As Native people, we have known that in order to survive we had to create, re-create, produce, re-produce… The effect of the denial of our existence is that many of us have become invisible…the systematic disruption of our families by the removal of our children was effective for silencing our voices…. however, not (everyone) can still that desire, that up-welling inside that says sing, write, draw, move, be… we can sing our hearts out, tell our stories, paint our visions…we are in a position to create a more human reality…in order to live we have to make our own mirrors….
Interests native american art, native writers, native theater, children, grandchildren, first nations, first nations art, first nations theater, aboriginal art, aboriginal theater, indigenous issues, yoga, buddha, gardening