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Introduction Back in February 2008, someone said: "Notwithstanding the fact that so far neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama could proclaim the victory of the presidential primaries after the Super Tuesday [...]However,[...] is prepared to make a bold and definitive advice that the now Senator Obama will become President-elect at the end of 2008. Senator Barack Obama will not only prevail the presidential primaries of the U. S. Democratic Party but also advance to enthrone to the White House becoming the 44th President of the United States. Obama will be making history in the presidency of the United States of America – the first non-white ethnic President of the World's most powerful nation. Initially McCain may gain ground in the forthcoming election campaign and post great challenge to the opposing Democratic Party. But eventually Obama will lead his Party to a dramatic victory which is far from reality at this point of time." My opinion: We cannot manipulate God into doing what we want. All we can do is pray that the best team (President/Vice President) wins this election. "Team Barack Obama/Joe Biden" is the BEST TEAM. Millions of people worldwide approve this message!September08