Miles Patrick Shepards

About me

Introduction I wrote a book once, called The Fairfield Confessions; I self-published it, went around to local bookstores to sell it, you know the old-fashioned way. No one wanted to buy it-though I did have an interesting conversation about writing with an ex-neighbor of mine about it. I've forgotten her name now. It's something that means "honor." I remember her pointing that out to me. I'm not sure why she did. She said she wanted to be a writer too. I laughed. I wouldn't consider myself a writer. I just write.
Interests Randomly writing to other people because I have nothing better to do with my life.
Favorite Movies Y Tu Mama Tambien, La Dolce Vita, True Stories, Santa Sangre, indie & foreign mostly with twists of the 1970's, Taxi Driver, thrown in for good measure.
Favorite Music jazz
Favorite Books There are too many.

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

I'm not answering this.