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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer, Healer & Consciousness focused Spiritual Teacher
Location New Zealand
Introduction Feel free to follow or add me as a friend on Facebook: — Editor of, Laron is a writer, healer, and consciousness development focused spiritual teacher, from New Zealand. A strong passion of his is to expand the consciousness of others through sharing information. Science tells us that we are all creating what we see, as the observer — we are all creating our own truths within every moment. While being a bit of a bookworm, Laron also has a Diploma in Energetic Healing, is a Dolores Cannon trained QHHT Practitioner, Reiki Master, trained Crystal Healer and Tarot reader.
Interests Consciousness, Meditation, Energy work, Astral Projection, Archery, Muaythai Kickboxing, Horse Riding, 2012, ancient civilisations, books and many books, movies, old trees, crystals...
Favorite Movies Interstellar, Avatar (reminds me of astral projection), Lord of the Rings(1), Master and Commander, The Fountain, Life Aquatic, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Thin Red Line, Life as a House, Aliens, Cloud Atlas
Favorite Books Lobsang Rampa. Dolores Cannon. Robert Jordon's Wheel of Time series. Tad Williams Otherland series. Graham Hancocks Fingerprints of The Gods. Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamic and all his others. Robert Monroe's series of Astral Travel books. Michael Newtons Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls. Thomas Campbell's My Big Toe trilogy. William Buhlman's books. Jarrod Diamonds 'Collapse' and 'Gun's, Germs and Steel'...