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Gender Female
Location Minneapolis, MN, United States
Introduction I am Hallee Bee, and I am poor. Hella poor. Also, I love fashion. Having moved from Oakland, CA (a.k.a. the Hipster Capital of the West Coast) to Minneapolis, MN (a.k.a. the Hipster Capital of um... Minnesota?), to escape sky high rent prices and enjoy clothing shopping without 10% sales tax, (Seriously, California? Fuck you.), I thought I would finally be able to afford lots and lots of amazing clothes. However, a series of unfortunate events has left me indigent and indignant. Refusing to give up on fashion or the idea that summer will indeed happen again someday, I have decided not to become a reclusive sweat pants wearing shut-in, and am instead becoming a cute outfit wearing reclusive shut-in with a blog. I hope you like it. <3 -hallee