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Gender Male
Occupation Jack of all
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Born in vibrant Quebec, then transplanted at a young age to the then-drab Greater Toronto Area (no crack-addled mayors back then), your epic hero endured his childhood of alienating urban sprawl and indifferent teachers (No, Mrs. whatever-your-name-was, I did not plagiarize that short story I submitted in Grade 12 English class! Bitch.) to emerge apparently average and mundane from a community college, which failed to teach him the value of avoiding run-on sentences. He then blew the next decade or so road-testing various women, jobs, beers, lawsuits and careers. After valiantly co-creating three children, he discovered they needed to eat, so he settled into a stable blue-collar existence. He now lives just north of Toronto, Ontario, with the latest -- and hopefully last -- love of his life, where he continues to hate cats. He is a Rush fanatic, a coffee lover (though not after 1 pm) and enjoys long walks on the beach between E. Coli outbreaks. He also writes... poorly, but with a determined obstinate stubborn determination. Oh, that's redundant and repetitive.
Interests Politics and public policy, furthering online political freedom of expression in Canada, green economics, environmentalism, public relations, media, satire, writing
Favorite Movies 2001: A Space Odyssey, Deadpool, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Favorite Music Rush, Led Zeppelin, Isotope 217, Pink Floyd, Tycho