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Occupation Guns for show, Knives for pros
Location United States
Introduction Well I dream of becoming a gym teacher and helping the fat kids in our beloved U.S. of A lose weight. Our country is going down in the gutter and obesity is just one tiny reason and I plan on fixing that (I can't fix anything else though, I'm not that creative to make music and television actually good again). Join me on my quest to show the world how hilarious and stupid it has become!
Interests I love music, especially good music. I believe most of the popular music now is just plain garbage. I play a lot of football (soccer you damn Americans!) and handball.
Favorite Movies Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Wassup Rockers, RockNRolla, Step Brothers, Titanic, Forest Gump, Dude Where's My Car?, Harold and Kumar, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Favorite Music Mostly every sub genre of rock (except most of the mainstream crap) and anything that's creative.