About me

Gender Female
Location Philippines
Introduction I'm pretty much ordinary. I know, that's not exactly the word one should use to describe himself/herself, but that's who I am. I do what I'm supposed to do but on my own time. It's your call, if that's a plus or a minus. I want to write a book, compose a song, do a portrait, take pictures, learn to cook... But so far, I haven't done any of them. I figured I'm still young. Or maybe just plain lazy to move my ass and make these things real. If you think I'm extraordinary or special, thank you. I appreciate the fact that you can see something in me that I can't. :P (And I'm not fishing for compliments)
Favorite Movies I can't pick just one and if I'm going to mention all the movies that made it to my list of favorites, let's just say, I'll be typing for the next ten minutes or so.
Favorite Music ARASHI, ARASHI, For Dream. :) I also like the songs played in One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.
Favorite Books It's more like Fave Authors. When I go to a bookstore, I look for the names of my fave authors rather than the titles of the book so it's only reasonable to mention them, right? There's Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Jennifer Cruisie. If you know them, you have a solid idea when it comes to the type of book I prefer.