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Location SW England, United Kingdom
Introduction Have my own ideas. Never a 'yes' person. Questioning the current Tory party line. Find David Cameron highly irritating. He always appears as if he is shouting, and sounds nervous and insincere. I believe he is a proper glove puppet! We need a ventriloquist to over talk him and control his quick to anger temperament and lick lower lip! 31st May 2010. Election over and done with- Con/Lib coalition. Since I last rewrote my revised info, the Tories are now holding hands with the Lib/dems which has really infuriated me. The Lib dems will be the fall guys here, and the Tories will continue disregarding many domestic issues, dismantling some of the good work that Mr Browns party were succeeding with. I am now even more horrified by the ignorance that David Laws has shown towards hiding personal financial issues away from the public eye. We are now under a month into a new government, and and I am not full of confidence that this coalition is a good thing for the economy. We shall wait and see with bated breath.
Interests Just watching and commenting on the changes we are all witnessing in this magnificent country of ours.
Favorite Movies Wizard of Oz, Ice cold in Alex, Out of Africa, Toy Story, Pinnochio, Mons Hulots'holiday
Favorite Music Ivor Cutler singing 'Sleepy old snake', Mahler, Mozart, Wagner, Delius, Bob Dylan, Rolling stones
Favorite Books All travel books