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Industry Fashion
Occupation In boring waking life, I work in the publishing industry. In the land of daydreams, I'm all about fashion.
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Introduction Whatever I write is going to sound crazy but here goes... rampant creativity combined with more than a dash of cynicism and dislike of reality, all presented in a scrawny size 6 package with a face that was once often compared with that of Winnie from The Wonder Years, but more recently was likened to an Indonesian princess*. Not any particular princess, just a generic one. From that brilliant description I expect everyone to recognise me and to get stopped in the street every five minutes. *I am not actually Indonesian!!!
Interests Designing and making clothes, daydreaming about fashion, drooling over ethnic textiles, rifling through piles of crap at markets and op-shops to find bargains, saving the human race from themselves. Not that I get much time to do any of these. Sorry human race, seems you'll have to take on a bit more responsibility for your fate.
Favorite Movies My memory being what it is (ie, practically non-existent), the only movies I can think of right now are the ones I used to tape from the TV and watch a zillion times, fast-forwarding through the ads (this admission quite possibly reveals that yes, indeed, I was a child of the 80s). So Room with a View, Married to the Mob, Desperately Seeking Susan, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club all have to go on this list.
Favorite Music Due to my horrendous case of ADD (which I believe I can attribute to the advent of the internet) I am in love with the gadget on my car steering wheel that lets me flick between radio stations and CDs like nobody's business. Usually stuck between Triple J (so I can keep my finger on what the happenin' young folk are up to) and commercial stations aimed at lovelorn lassies making pathetic dedications to past paramours or sports stations for testosterone junkies. Cos sometimes I just need to hear 'Livin' on a prayer' again. And again.
Favorite Books Pride and Prejudice. Emma. Anything by Victorian authors (the era, not the Australian state). And magic realism is pretty good too. But I have to admit it's pretty rare that I get a chance to sit down with a book, so it's mostly all about email from friends and sneakily peeking at blogs while I'm meant to be doing something else. JUST LIKE YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

mmmm gingerbread... what was the question?