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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Animator
Location Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Introduction I started a blog in 2006 but didn't keep it up for very long. None of the old posts on it amounted to much of anything so I've just(April 2008)deleted them. I still like the idea of having some kind of presence on the web though, so I've started a new blog which will (probably) contain nothing but screen captures from movies and cartoons that I like. I've also made some Squidoo lenses you might find interesting(see links!).
Interests monster movies, dark rides, spookshows, animation, horror hosts, j.p. patches, intermission snack bar ads, barbara steele, basil wolverton, ed "big daddy" roth, underground comix, drive ins, pee-wee herman, feldenkrais, ventriloquism, ugly stickers, gorillas, rubber toy monsters, web design, graphic design, three stooges, people watching
Favorite Movies monster a go-go, curse of the cat people, if footmen tire you what will horses do?, eraserhead, black sunday, les yeux sans visage, the worm eaters, incredibly strange creatures, the bride of frankenstein, pinocchio, the corpse grinders, infra-man, horror of party beach, sins of the fleshapoids, the flesh eaters, godzilla vs. biollante, onibaba, freaks, spider baby, let me die a woman
Favorite Music Devo, The Cramps, Dick Dale, Dead Kennedys, Las Vegas Grind, Link Wray, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Les Paul, The Rivingtons, Wanda Jackson, Surf, Punk, Exotica, Carl Stalling, Man or Astro-Man, Ron Haydock, The Sonics, King Uszniewics, MC5
Favorite Books a youth in babylon, the enormous egg, flesh trap, the psychotronic encyclopedia of film, of mice and magic, meet mr. product, cheap laffs, it's a man's world, nightmare of ecstacy, shock value, big bosoms and square jaws, the ghastly one, monster magazines

You've just inherited a manufacturing plant that specializes in plastics. What are you going to make?

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