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Gender MALE
Location United Kingdom
Introduction Drug Free, IPF (GBPF). Height=190cm (and still growing!...when does it stop). Age=26. Weight=103kg . Born in Scotland. Decended From= Irish/English/Scandinavian/Scotland/Mediteranian(the black irish). Star Sign= Sagitarius (half-man half-horse...license to shit in the streets). Lifts: Squat= 230kg (meet) 220kg (gym to depth). Bench= 140kg (meet) 150kg(gym). Deadlift= 260kg (meet, unable to max in gym setting).
Interests Powerlifting, music, playing instruments(guitar, didgereedoo, banjo), coding, cooking, painting/drawing, blacksmithing, reading, etc ad nausem
Favorite Music DEATH METAL, classical, blues, Irish