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Industry Construction
Occupation Certified Building Biologist Practitioner
Introduction Hi, I'm Corinne, I am a Certified Building Biologist with 5 years experience helping people create healthy homes.

I had extreme chemical sensitivities when I set out to build my tiny house. That is how the blog started.

Building and Renovating

I help people choose healthy building materials for new builds and renos, for conventional and unconventional building systems.

Trailers, Tiny Homes and Shelters

I also help folks buy or build healthier trailers, tiny homes and shelters. I have owned and lived in three customised trailers, and built 2 custom shelters.

Mould Avoidance

After setting out in 2013 with Erik syle mould avoidance, I was able to bring down my sensitivities way down.

I do coaching on organising a mould avoidance sabbatical to try and see if mould is underlying your health issues. I help to problem solve the most complex cases where folks have many limitations.

I had severe limitations myself and I have watched case studies and general trends for 10 years on the success of mould avoidance.