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Industry Fashion
Occupation PLM Process and Functional Extraordinaire
Location Berkeley, CA, United States
Introduction I love music (mostly good things, but i have my lapses of pity ; ), movies, and books mostly sci fi and other fantasy style fiction. There is also some weird obsession lately with non-fiction about the 1800's through 1940's. Most of my time is spent between work and hangin out with friends. Other small bits of spare time include making things like period/fantasy costuming, spinning yarn, and drinkin tea (i love tea). I enjoy hiking and urban exploration, who doesn't love a good cemetery on a friday night ; )
Interests Hiking, Exploring, Ceramics, Mixed Media (Leftover) Art, Hanging out with Friends, Anime, Bad B Movies, Rain, New Cultures
Favorite Movies Blade Runner, Kontroll, Run...Lola...Run, NBC, Kamakazi Girls, Alice in Wonderland, Dune, FF: Advent Children, Pirates of the Penzance, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Lucky Number Slevin
Favorite Music Misfits, Killing Joke, PWEI, VNV Nation, Tear Garden, Edward Ka-Spel, Babyland, Curve, Missing Persons, The Damned, Def Fx, Pailhead, Ali Project, Messiah, Anime Soundtracks
Favorite Books Books: Imajica, Ice & Fire Series, Out, Dune, Tolkien books, more... Manga: .//hack, Keroro Gunso, Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star, Alien Nine, the Ring series, more...

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