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Location Brooklyn, New York, United States
Introduction I'm one of those 'trying to have it all women.' Kids, career, husband, shaved legs. And yes, I'm exhausted and overwhelmed and overbalanced. And every day is a cascade of compromises. But even with all my whining and whinging, I love it. All of it. I'm not miserable. I'm not wracked with guilt that I'm a terrible mother (at least not usually). I'm not angry and bitter at my husband (at least not usually). I'm not (too) jealous of how much my boys love the other care givers in their lives (of which there are many). I'm not spending my time angsting over whether to opt out or opt in. How have I achieved this zen-like view in the midst of such chaos? I love my job. I love my family. And I think I'm pretty clear on just how lucky that makes me.