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Occupation keep my sanity and identity intact.
Location Nothing Special, M
Introduction What's you're "FAVORITE MUSIC?" Isn't this the sort of question you ask someone when you're in high-school or a freshman in college? This is the sort of question once used in our adolescence to ferret out whether or not someone is cool or not... or whether or not we wanted to deal with them... when we reach our thirties/forties... our land bearing and child owning years, we start asking people "So what do you do for a living." Hence, that becomes the filter.
Interests Camp, tacky, otaku, culinary arts, knitting, saliva, shoes, brands, pop culture, comedy, stand up, anti-brands, viral marketing, wise-cracks, sub-culture, purses, cooking, food, jobs, travel, punk, Doestoevsky, subversive literature, junk, goldfish, crackers, (not the kind of cracker you're thinking about... PSYCHE!) ... not necessarily in that order.
Favorite Movies The Ten Thousand Fingers of Dr. T, Dogville, The Elegant Universe, Densha Otoku, Overboard (Yes, the Goldie Hawn Movie)
Favorite Music Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack, ACDC, English New Wave, Punk
Favorite Books There's A Wocket in My Pocket, Crime and Punishment.

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

This question reeks. I will admit that super-smell is my superhero power. I can smell dogshit on someone's shoe from three rooms down the hall.