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Occupation Restaurant Manager
Location Palm Bay, Florida, United States
Introduction I have been cooking professionally for 3 years now, but have been cooking as a hobby for about...years and have gotten significantly better since then. I love to cook. I do it for 50 hours and week, then come home and make my husband 3 course meals. Lucky him! I have a passion for something, and when you love doing something that much, you do it as much as you can. I love learning new things about the culinary arts. I've never been to culinary school, and I don't think you need it to be a chef!
Interests COOKING, Anything having to do with the culinary arts, music, learning, my husband, cooking, eating, learning new techniques
Favorite Movies All the Lethal Weapons, All the Twilights, 10 Things I hate about you, Lots of others.
Favorite Music MICHAEL BUBLE, Muse, Anything country, especially Miranda Lambert, Classical...I like it all!
Favorite Books 1984 and anything James Patterson