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Gender MALE
Location United States
Introduction There's prose & poetry that may or may not be fiction or nonfiction at any given moment. I imbibed a philosophy of virulent irresponsibility at a very young age that sometimes gets me into trouble and sometimes gets me out. Managed to abstain from marriage but almost never sex; so far without incident. Camel cigarettes taste better than Cowboy Killers. Dogma is for people who can’t think for themselves. The usual, ya know? Too keep everything on the up & up, I bifurcate most of my life without being a dualist, which I consider a dead philosophy. There’s always more, but nothing earth shattering. I have a weird thing about avoiding mirrors, but you’ll get more on that reading my poetry than I could tell you here & now. If you enjoy the violence of a gunshot without the repercussions, this may just be the place for you. crb.