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Introduction Anne Wade, M.Ed., is an organizational consultant, executive coach, certified Grief Recovery® specialist, single mom, and cancer conqueror. Shortly after her first chemo treatment, Anne’s hair fell out and she began wearing a wig. Nothing unique about that, but in her case, a funny thing began happening – strangers started asking who did her hair! After the third or fourth incident, she wrote in her journal “Dear God, if you wanted me to change my hairdo, you could have just said so!” As she wondered what else might need changing, a turning point blossomed. Cancer became an opportunity to clean house, get rid of whatever needed to be gone, and define the next chapter in LIFE. So far, she has founded Chicks with Checks, published two books, refocused her consulting practice on women and nonprofits, and married the love of her life. She has managed to avoid jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.
Interests charitable giving, reading, music, boating, food, wine, movies

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