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Introduction Welcome to my Goran Visnjic/ Lukacentric/ER fan-fiction blog. I discovered Croatian actor Goran Visnjic midway into the 7th season of ER. He made an appearance to promote the episode The Crossing on the "Today Show." While episodes such as Hindsight, Secrets and Lies and the Congo arc showcase the amazing range of Goran's acting ability, it is still the Bishop Stewart arc that most showcases the character of Luka himself. I met Goran in person on March 14, 2004, in Woodland Hills, CA. you'll find pics of that meeting here, as well as my ER fanfiction. At time of the switchover to this journal from aol, my work has had 14,679 clicks, not too bad. That said, I hope you enjoy what you read, feel free to comment, it's always nice to hear what people think of what I write. Before I close I want to thank Goran for his talent, his inspiration, and for sharing his love of his homeland with all of us. If you share my love of Goran and his work, visit our Goran website and message board via the link below. Thanks, J.D. Bleu Profond 2: a Goran Visnjic Website