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Introduction There's a well known saying among parents of kids with Type 1 Diabetes - if you don't live with it, you have NO idea what it's like! Our journey with Type 1 Diabetes began on 8 April 2010 when my then 9 year old daughter was diagnosed - as with every single family receiving this news, it was a huge shock to the system and a very steep learning curve for our entire family! and then.... seven months later, on 25 October, 2010, my then 13 year old son was also diagnosed!!! Two kids with Type 1 Diabetes, diagnosed 7 months apart! Before April 2010 I had no idea what an Endocrinologist was - now I have a whole team of them on speed dial on every phone I own! This blog is a story of the ups and downs (literally) of daily life with two kids, one girl and one boy, with Type 1 Diabetes - including the added roller coaster ride of the teenage years! Buckle up - it'll be a bumpy ride!