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Location Malaysia
Introduction Hi! My name's Amber-Mae. I am a local born, 8 year old purebred American Golden Retriever. I've been trained in Obedience, Agility, Flyball & Canine Freestyle. I have acted in a 'Johnsons&Johnsons Savlon Soap' Commercial for India 5 years ago but it did not air. Last year, I was hired to act in two local films entitled 'Flashes' & 'Crossings'. Two years ago I did a Baby Milk commercial for China. I whelped 4 years ago & produced very beautiful puppies. My hoomies kept two of my offspring named River & Megan-Joy. Both are also being trained in Obedience, Canine Freestyle & Agility. Both are 4 years old now. Once upon a time, I was a goofy dog but today I am a glamorous Show Dog with numerous titles but..hehe..deep down inside, I am still the same quirky Amber-Mae that you've always known.
Interests I love making friends around the world, I enjoy dancing, sleeping, eating, playing fetch, going for holidays, swimming & the list just goes on.