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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Retired
Location anyhowtown a.k.a. OKC, upsofloating a.k.a. OK, Afghanistan
Introduction I am a Yellow dog Democrat although I do not trust that type. I am prone to exageration but generally don't lie much. Hardly nothing is none of my business. Been everywhere, done everything, haven't accomplished much of anything. Ex-Military, Ex-Missoinary type, Ex-Educator, Ex-Romantic. I am an old retired fart whoes disposition has been tempered by time, travel, experience, and a good woman of 40 years association. I love life, but my back and knees hurt. drlobojo was given his name at a Sac and Fox meeting because it had been created and used that same day in ropes course near by. drlobojo is not a doctor, nor is he a wolf, although he has been called a cur on occasion, nor is he a jo which is Scottish for sweetheart having never been called that to his recollection. He is a pre-Atomic (born before the first bomb blast in New Mexico), a boy off of the Red River of Oklahoma, son of a share cropper, and a boll pulling, cotton chopping poor white trash at that. As for Religion, I have been a Southern Baptist of the pre-1970 kind and a Disciple of Christ member. truthfully today I would best be described as an existential enigmatic christian.
Interests Everything
Favorite Movies Zulu, Jeramiah Johnson, Star Wars, Serenity, Walk About, Ground Hog Day, Red River, The English Patient, Hells Angles (the original one), The Ring Trilogy
Favorite Music Everything but most Rap. Hurt: by Johnny Cash Red Dirt Girl: Emmylou Harris My Baby Needs An Angles: E. H.
Favorite Books The Hornblower series, all Isimov, Spendor of God, Sherlock Holmes' Canon, The Ring Trilogy, The Crow Killer

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