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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Jidai-geki Legend And Chick Magnet
Location 京都, Japan
Introduction Havin' carved out a niche fer hisself in the world of direct-to-video exploitation epics like 'Pizza Delivery Guy', the Brickster headed to Japan to further enrich his coffers. Marryin' the studio producer's daughter proved to be a good career choice, and not just because she's gorgeous, lovin' and brilliant. It's led to mulitple film series like 'Samurai Sexecutioner 1-3' and my meisterwork, the critically acclaimed TV series Abarenbo Gaijin, which really oughta be picked up by Animeigo for DVD release in the USA, but you kin still buy my badass shirts off the Samurai Archives Store anyway (limited time offer, cuz ya know the Earth's gonna be swallowed up by the sun when it goes supernova someday-so order now!). My current project involves deliverin' a series of lectures at Kyoto University on chanbara and explainin' to the coed's fathers why nothin' was goin' on there, really, and even if there was it was just cuz I thought Masako was chokin' and I was administirin' a new version of the Heimlich manuever. El Brickatore currently resides in Kyoto right near the Studio, spreadin' joy throughout his neighborhood, keepin' local taverns in business, and avoidin' yakuza loan sharks.
Interests Wimmin, Drinkin', the Sengoku, chanbara films, philosophizin', laughin' at samurai film reviews written by clueless feminists.
Favorite Movies Bohachi Bushido, American Ninja, Samurai Resurrection, Kunoichi-Lady Ninja, Sukiyaki Western D'Jango, Bushido Blade, Metal Samurai, The Barbarian And The Geisha, Samurai Sexecutioner, Abaranbo Gaijin, Yasuke, Kuraku'd Tengu
Favorite Music Men Without Hats, Devo, Judas Priest, Stray Cats, Gackt, My Own Bad Self (see my gold record in the pic? It ain't just for Mr. Crackers y'know).
Favorite Books Beppin, Beppin School, Popsy, Cream, any film book not written by that fink Patrick Galloway ;) Just kiddin' Pat-even though you think my films suck