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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation HOMEMAKER
Location CHICAGO, IL, United States
Introduction "It's not my intent for you to wake up tomorrow and suddenly understand how your life works just because you visit my words here.I don't write to inspire you. Only you can inspire you. If you should decide to be inspired by my words,I will be grateful yet hope I don't jack you up with my silly thoughts. I might just wonder what's wrong with you. All I'm doing here is being myself. Like it or Lump it."
Interests Coffee. Reading books. THIS!Writing children's books. Playing with my children. QUIET TIME. QUIET TIME WITH MY HUSBAND. COMPUTER TIME UNINTERRUPTED. TRAVELS. VISITS WITH FRIENDS. writing, again. walking. Can you believe it?
Favorite Movies I love so many movies, that it's best to say that it all depends on what part of my cycle I'm in.
Favorite Music ANY AND ALL.
Favorite Books A tree Grows In Brooklyn, Twilight Series, Secret Life of Bee's, My Sister's keeper. Books written by Jennifer Wiener, Nancy Drew books, Laura Ingall Wilder Books. Any book that can take me to a place that I miss when I'm finished..

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

The mystery of parenthood can be summed up to where the other half of the socks go, how do school papers pile up so quickly, and why do other Moms feel that they need to promote perfection in their parenting? That nothing hurt, they didn't need meds, they aren't tired, they loved the first trimester, and they are absolutely glowing and already back to a size 2. STUFF IT IN YOUR BASKET!