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Gender MALE
Location Las Vegas, NV, United States
Introduction Passionate, Honest, Blunt, Truthful. These are adjectives to describe myself when it comes to talking about Fitness, Nutrition and LIVING a healthy lifestyle. I am an advocate for change in the American diet. Something needs to be done immediately to counter all the bad that we have been doing to our bodies, our vehicles to move about this wonderful planet we call home. My intentions here are to make a difference in people's lives by showing them exactly how they can stop living a disastrous, unhealthy path and make a change for themselves, their families, and the world. Encouraging people on a daily basis to exercise, eat a balanced diet with the nutrition your body NEEDS, and to cut out all the JUNK, I lead by example and I walk the walk. I eat a what's colloquially labeled "Paleo Diet" and I believe this to be a crucial arterial proponent for the mainline health of us all. You wouldn't put rancid vegetable oil in your engine, or refined sugar in the gas tank of your car, would you? So, why would you do the same to your body, the only true vehicle you have? Make a difference in your life and make each day count... To LIFE! - Justin J. McCoy