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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation of life...and formerly and habitually Biblical and Theological Studies
Location Juneau, Alaska
Introduction A highly contradictory organic-eating, designer brand-wearing, simplicity-seeking, indie bookstore-working writer/cellist/crochet-er extraordinaire/pseudo-hipster/newlywed who is simultaneously heartbroken by and in love with the Church, adventures in Alaska, and her authorial aspirations, and who always loves her growing family, her husband, and you, if you are reading this blog.

Interests writing, travel, rice pudding, denominational reconciliation, untold stories, Oxford, binder clips, the nation of Chile, Greek and Hebrew wordplays, adventures

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

If the moon became homogenous in color and freakishly resembled an amoeba...then yes, it did.