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Gender Female
Introduction I learned how to knit when my youngest went to kindergarten. I had met another woman at the bus stop with some interesting looking scarves. And thats all it took for me to want to learn how to knit. I'm such a copy cat, but HEY gotta get the inspiration from somewhere right? Started out with learning out to knit scarves. I had A LOT of scarves, since got ripped and turned into something else. I have my few favorites, and I'm ashamed to say that one of them is fun fur. I was so proud of that scarf I can't frog it! I moved on from scarves to knitting dishcloths, and learning how to read a pattern, thats when I felt I was really getting the hang of it. I swear it took me an entire football game to make a dishcloth. Then was onto hats and only a couple pairs of socks, I learned how to do it all on my own. Around 2006-ish sometime was when I got the bug to want to spin my own yarn. I think it was looking at others blogs and really getting the interest. Since then a friend got me a spindle for my birthday last year and hubby went and bought me a wheel for Christmas. I've been hooked ever since, that is when I can find time.
Interests Knitting, Spinning, Jewelry making, Polymer clay, anything crafty

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?