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Introduction Nostradamus began to reach out my dreams through time in December 2003. At night, The Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus visits me, John Le Sainte, each night in my dreams and teaches me his secrets of Future Prophecy, Astrology, Numerology and True Horoscope Creation. Nostradamus guides me into the future showing me Wars, Floods, Famine, Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Tsunamis and more. I will interpret these dreams for you on my free blog, Nostradamus Predictions,Psychic Future Predictions, and Free Complete Prophecies. Nostradamus has revealed that I, John Le Sainte, am the only true heir to his psychic gift of prophecy. Together we will reveal coming events for the next 500 years and beyond. We will reveal the secrets of the 2012 doomsday predictions they we hear so much about. We will reveal exactly what the 2012 planet alignment truly means to you, your family and the world. What will World War 3 Bring to our world? When and how will World War 3 Begin? Nostradamus knows, and he is revealing all to me, John Le Sainte. Please read my Nostradamus Predictions explained and Interpreted from the Earliest to the very newest to discover many new Nostradamus predictions of the future.