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Gender MALE
Industry Law
Occupation Catcher in the Rye
Location Eastpointe, MI, United States
Introduction § It's said that an infinite number of monkeys typing away at keyboards will eventually reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare. § What they don't say is that the total amount of matter in the universe, if turned into monkeys and typewriters, powered by all energy present in the universe, to feed the monkeys in question, working for a hundred billion years, can't possibly create as much as the first act of Hamlet. § One Infinite Monkey--i.e., a human being--can write all of Shakespeare's works in the course of a single lifetime... if that Infinite Monkey happens to be Shakespeare. § You are an Infinite Monkey. So am I. Amphibians are we, half spirit and half worm: monkeys in the sense that we are Steve Gerber's “hairless apes, trapped in a world we never made”; infinite in the sense that we are also immortal and we shall still live when the sun is a black dwarf. § If you recognize, like this old silverback, that we are a duality and not a mere mechanical emptiness--you may find my writings amusing. If so, welcome. Stay a while. And feel free to comment. (But keep it clean.)
Interests My family. Writing. The law. Politics. History. Neo-Traditional Roman Catholicism. Classic military simulations (wargaming). Coin collecting (dabbler). Astronomy (dabbler).
Favorite Movies Too many to list.
Favorite Music Ditto.
Favorite Books Got a week?

P.S. Why "Richard L. Kent, Esq."? Simple. Yes, I'm a lawyer and proud of it. But: the name "Richard Kent" is also as common as rain (google it and see--there are at least five here in Detroit alone, none related to me; there are almost 1000 nationwide). It's a simple matter of distinguishing me from all the other "Richard Kents" out there (including one rather silly Young Earth creationist).