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Occupation Private Tutor
Introduction I am a mother of four incredible children, that I am immensely proud of. To this day I feel an increasing love and adoration for my wonderful husband, whom I met almost 10 years ago in college. As a parent, I utilize techniques from Supernanny (love her!). I think her directness, as well as her encouragment to get down and dirty with ones kids is the perfect equation for a happy home. If given the choice between coloring with my kids, or doing laundry, I will always pick coloring with the kids, hands down :)! The kids are constantly growing and changing... I can't get those moments back. The laundry, on the other hand, will always be a big heeping pile of clothes... and I don't necessarily want those memories back :)
Interests I love being a parent first and foremost! After that I can be described my love of reading, an interest in physical fitness and healthy eating, and