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Gender Male
Industry Environment
Occupation Public Health Environmentalist
Location Gilbertown, AL, United States
Introduction In the real world, I'm a quite, unassuming fat guy. In cyberspace, however, I'm known to those who read me as THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN! And, as befits one who dares to trade in his mild mannered, real world persona in favor of a heroic handle better suited to soaring through the blogosphere, I also have a special weapon (something about which to blog). It is to the Incredible Shrinking Man what the utility belt is to the Batman. I call it the REALIZE BAND! Recently, in a top secret operating room, this powerful weapon against fat was laparoscopically wrapped around my stomach (the actual organ). Without it, this high flying hero would have a hard time getting off the ground. You see, it is the Realize Band that gives the Incredible Shrinking Man his incredible shrinking power (please don't tell anyone). So, dear reader, if you think you possess the courage...if your feel you have the on. These are the adventures of THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN!
Interests The Holy Bible, Family, Church, Writing & Performing Christian music, genealogical research, Voice over work (though right now my wife & kids are my only audience), and gettin' up off some o' this weight
Favorite Books I enjoy works by classic authors like Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, C. S. Lewis, Louis Lamour (yes, he belongs in this distinguished group), and many more. Right now I'm reading a devotional by Hannah Whittall Smith called The Christian's Secret Of A Happy Life. Awesome book!