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Occupation Film reviewer (speciality helicopter explosions)
Introduction We're a small group of film fans dedicated to celebrating the cinematic art of exploding helicopters. You may not have noticed before, but helicopters in films have a curious tendency to blow-up. Often in bizarre circumstances. For too long, this phenomenon has remained undocumented, under-researched and unappreciated. But we’re determined to change that. With this website we’re attempting to catalogue every chopper fireball that’s been captured on celluloid. We want to eulogise those films which show innovative, imaginative and ingenious helicopter explosions. As well as point the finger at those directors who dishonour the genre with poorly executed whirlybird conflagrations. As the world’s only scholars of helicopter explosions in film, we take our work seriously. We make no apology for the irreverent approach we may take to the rest of movie.
Interests Explosions, helicopters, films
Favorite Movies Blue Thunder, Rambo III, Stone Cold, The Other Guys, Broken Arrow
Favorite Music The sound of whirling rotor blades