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Location Black Rock, Ct, United States
Introduction The past several years have been an amazing time for me! In February 2010 I decided to make some changes in my lifestyle. I began drinking green smoothies to improve my health and lose some of the weight I had been trying to shed for years. I had no idea that this one little step would take me on such an exciting path. Life as I knew it has been forever altered! Green smoothies changed my palate completely, going from eating the occasional vegetable to absolutely loving them. Fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts,and seeds are now my best friends. I enjoy a diet rich in raw living foods and gradually and naturally omitted processed foods, meat and dairy. I've lost 120 lbs... I've gained mental clarity and am free of all medications. Green smoothies are magic! They were the key to opening the door to this new healthy lifestyle and continue to be part of my daily routine.I love the life I live today ~ I'm happy & healthy and never felt better in my life!

What's your favorite Green Smoothie Recipe?