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Industry Student
Location West Dundee, IL, United States
Introduction Makeup lover and esthetics student.
Interests I LOVE MAKEUP!!! Can you tell? haha.I am currently in school to become an esthetician. Okay and I love clothes. I somewhat keep up with up to date styles but I wear what I love, not what someone tells me I should wear.
Favorite Movies Hands down Dirty Dancing...RIP Patrick Swayze. Garden State is also on the top of my list. If it weren't for the nostalgic hold I have with DD, Garden State would win. I will watch almost anything except the horribly gory movies they have these days. I prefer the suspense rather than people being tortured alive.
Favorite Music I will pretty much listen to anything. If it has a good beat I will most likely enjoy it. However, I do favor the oldies. Music is not what it used to be I think and I also think I should have been born in the late 40's so that I could have been a teenager when the Beatles came to the U.S.
Favorite Books Speak, anything by V.C Andrews and Jane Green, the Twilight Series is amusing enough. I am always looking for a good read. Suggestions welcome :)

How do you get back all the interests that you feel you have lost?