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Gender Female
Location Denver, CO, United States
Introduction I'm here to help both Catholics and non-Catholics understand what we believe, and how we apply it to every day life, since we're so Counter-Cultural! I'll use the space on CCC to explain how the Catholic faith always points to the truth, particularly at times our culture says otherwise. On my personal blog space, I share more personal details. On one hand, I'll explain details behind my EoE diagnosis. (Google it.) As I researched the condition, I found plenty of clinical information, but no personal accounts of living with EoE, so along with other aspects of my life, I intend to blog about EoE adult diagnosis to be of help to others. Other aspects I'll share, a little fashion - I'm going to try the Capsule Wardrobe craze. A little dating - I can't believe I'm still doing that! And of course, other topics as they come to mind. Glad you're here!

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