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Gender Female
Location London
Introduction Food anthropologist and cook with a Norwegian father and English-American mother.
Interests Baking, Ice Cream, Graham Greene, Fermentation in general, Profiteroles, Fish, Bread, South Park, Monocle Magazine, M*A*S*H, BBC Radio 2 & 3, the Sunday papers, Kew Gardens, Seinfeld, Frasier, Fujifilm Finepix, Thelonious Monk, Plants, The West Wing, volcanoes, FT Weekend, most aquatic things, lemons, Vanity Fair (the magazine and novel), Monty Python, Wine, Miles Davis, Germany, British Museum, Gastronomica, The Art of Eating, The V&A, cartoons, Belgian comics, the Daily Show, science of cooking, Tina Fey, Japan, seriously smelly cheese, Marmite, Jeeves & Wooster, Codebreaking, Chocolate, Cinema, the Thames, Nordic skiing, ping pong, Fawlty Towers, reading, the Albert Hall, Cambridge, Blackadder, passionfruit, Owen Wilson, red lipstick, impossibly high heels, the colours blue, grey and orange, the New Yorker, smell of wild strawberries, hanging out (and bickering) with my wonderful parents, bouldering, MacBook, AbFab, Jazz
Favorite Movies Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Holiday, The Pink Panther series, Die Hard, Indiana Jones (all of them), The Sea Inside, Delicatessen, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Ghostbusters, Ratatouille, Amelie, Two Days in Paris, South Park, Little Miss Sunshine, Mondovino, Sideways, Chocolat, The Jungle Book, Some Like it Hot, The Cheese Nun
Favorite Music Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Snow Patrol, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joan Baez, Vivaldi, Simon & Garfunkel, the Cure, Thelonious Monk, Sidney Bechet (anything Blue Note), Billie Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Razorlight, Charlie Parker, Nat King Cole, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, anything that reminds me of Paris.
Favorite Books Anything by Graham Greene, PG Wodehouse, Evelyn Waugh, Henry James, 'Candide' by Voltaire, 'Vanity Fair' by Thackeray, Catch-22, 100 years of solitude, Love in the time of cholera, Dante's Inferno, Camus 'The Outsider', Alice in Wonderland, short stories by Guy de Maupassant, Jhumpa Lahiri. Comics.