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Gender Male
Introduction If theres a person I can most relate to, its Paul from the Bible. I think Acts 17 is a good chapter for the way that I minister to people. I plan on going to college to get a Masters and Doctorate in Apologetics and form my own website, as well as write a few books along the way. I plan on maybe becoming a minister, but I want to revolutionize the church and start focusing on issues that the church fails to cover in sermons, such as the Creation vs. Evolution debate, the different types of Theologies and religions that exist, and why Christianity supercedes all of them in regards to evidential support and proofs.
Favorite Movies Facing The Giants
Favorite Music Christian stuff, Heavy metal, everything
Favorite Books little bit from Glen Miller, and JP Holding, and Jacques Maritain. Anything from my Casey's top 40 list usually a good read from the internet side of things....I like basically parts of Josh McDowell's books, "Handbook of Religions" and, "The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict." I also love some, JP Moreland and Dallas Willard, as well as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc. C.S. Lewis's book "Mere Christianity" is good too as well as Lee Stroebel's book "The Case for the Real Jesus". Jonathan Sarfati is also an excellent read. Norman Geisler's "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" and "Why I Am a Christian" and Ravi Zecharias are good reads. I found a Dr. Gary Bates book on aliens and UFOS to be useful as well. Really I love to read just about anything. JP Holding's books, "The Impossible Faith" and "Shattering the Christ Myth" are must haves.