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Occupation Mental Health Therapist, Author, Human Rights Advocate, Humorist
Location Chico, CA, United States
Introduction Like half of the literate world and 99% of reality stars, I wish to become a world famous author. Meanwhile, I'm your average, old-ish, short and feisty Jewish woman who is beginning to think it aint so bad. But when it is, chocolate is my default. And when it's not, chocolate is my default.
Interests Chocolate, dancing, writing, and chocolate. Kids are the greatest, especially my nephew. I write about dating, which I don't do well or enjoy; life's ups and downs, outrageously bizarre personal ads; and silly miscellany. I also go deep. No pun intended. Though I have lots of luck with men, this luck isn't good. It's very bad. PS, I like chocolate.
Favorite Movies Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Despite its lack of chocolate, Ordinary People is an amazing tear-jerker, my all-time favorite movie.
Favorite Music Elton John, Billy Joel, and anything easy on the ears.
Favorite Books Anything by Anne Lamott, who referenced a need for cheap chocolate in Bird by Bird. Brave New World by Huxley; anything by Joseph Conrad, and the poetry of Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Dr. Seuss.

Will you share your chocolate with me if I ask nicely? Please?