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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Director, Humantics Foundation
Location World Traveler for Decades, United States
Introduction Some of you may have heard of Barrett Vs Rosenthal. I'm Rosenthal. After 7 long, expensive years of litigation, I recently prevailed in a California Supreme Court Decision which protects web posters from being sued for reposting the words of another. I quote from The Matrix: "Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony." While suing me for libel (& losing) ... the plaintiffs and their public relations connections have waged massive smear campaigns of monumental proportions against me and the other defendants.
Interests Thanks for your interest in my interests! I am the Director of the Humantics Foundation ~ an advocacy group for women harmed by breast implants. I have been a woman's health advocate for several decades. In the 1970's, I was on a small team of women who created the first woman's shelter in our county. In 1995, I had several conversations with women with serious breast implant related health problems. As I began to research on the internet (far less wild in those days), I discovered an enormous cover-up of the dangers and realized there was no online support system. I created the first newsgroup, in November, 1995 on usenet ... and the next 12 years proved to be an E Ticket Ride! Speaking out on the dangers of something so desirable, so profitable, so well-funded, so controversial and so personal, made me a target for industry voices. I have been blessed to have been a free spirit and a world traveler for decades. Despite my opposition claiming I am "in exile, " I travel the world freely and con mucho gusto.
Favorite Movies Freedom Writers, Sideways, Motorcycle Diaries, Man of the Year, Hacking Democracy, Zeitgeist, Iraq for Sale
Favorite Books All of Barbara Kingsolver's works and all of Isabel Allende's books.