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Occupation Writer, Consultant, Editing, Chief Engineer in charge of Universal Maintenance
Location Joshua Tree, California, United States
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1. Who is the quantum shaman and what does it mean to create our own reality?
2. Are the 9 billion names of God only sock puppets on an internet forum?
3. Are we living in the matrix or is the matrix living in us?
4. Who are you?

Call me a mad shaman or just a writer with a healthy imagination. I've been on this journey of spirit all my life and have found the best way to expand my own Knowledge is by interacting with others on similar paths; or in the absence of friends, talking to myself on the internet with the crazy belief that anybody gives a fig.

My metaphysical/mystical experiences are detailed in Quantum Shaman, Diary of a Nagual Woman - a travelogue of my adventures through time and space where allies and immortals haunt the shadows and the shaman's double manifests at a post office in Southern California.

I've also written extensively in the fiction world, though some will say even my works of fiction are rooted in some version of truth and myth.

All of my books are available from
Interests professional writing, evolution of consciousness, shamanism, quantum consciousness, immortality, carlos castaneda, metaphysics, mysticism, UFOs, nagualism, Toltec, ghosts, hauntings, spirituality
Favorite Movies Interview With the Vampire, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Orlando, Bladerunner, Galaxy Quest, Priest, Avatar
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Abney Park, Nox Arcana, R. Carlos Nakai, Nightwish, Tarja, Within Temptation
Favorite Books The Teachings of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda), Archaic Revival (Terence McKenna), The Crack in the Cosmic Egg (Joseph Chilton Pearce), Journey Without A Map (Gardner McKay)

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