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Occupation S@HM (Hospice)
Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Introduction About me-->I'm a wife and stay @ home mom of 2 BEAUTIFUL children. {Props to me} I have a 6 YO Mason and a 2 1/2 yearold Terri Jade. I am married to one of the most strong willed men you will ever meet. (That WAS a compliment) He truly does not let anyone hold him down. Clint is one of those strong {not so silent} types. I'm very outgoing and a bit on the boisterous side and he is . . .well he is my balance lets just say. We have always lived here in NC (can't seem to move).I am very family oriented and we are happy here. I've completely turn my life over to the Lord and I believe that being near family and friends is the best place for us. (Clint isn't quite on the same page but he deals w/ it rather well.) ***************************************************************************************** I'm living this life God blessed me with not trying not to twist anyones head off, while staying IN with the outside world, doing reviews on products to give everyone a real heads up on whats out there! EMAIL ME...AT MooreMommy{@}GMAIL{dot}com
Interests My FAMILY. . .no really I'm a Hermit. I only venture out of my shell for food and "larger sizes"!! Occasional T-Ball game and a park visit here and there. ohh yeah can't forget "date-night"!! :D******************* I love * Scrapbooking * baking * (now thanks to my friend the flip flop )making cards * reading * spending time w/ family & friends * enjoying the little things life has to offer!
Favorite Movies I'm a SUCKER for kids movies!! Weather or not there is a kid around or not. I love Pride or Prejudice! Can't go wrong with Comedies...most anything with Adam Sandler, Matthew McConaughey, or Sandra Bullock. Drama I'm there too! Oh and I LOVE adventures....BUT YOU CAN KEEP THE GORE!!
Favorite Music EVERYTHING! (BUT If you think its gonna give me a migraine save me the trouble!!!)
Favorite Books The Bible, The Excellent Wife, Lies Women Believe, anything by Max Lucado, Belly Laughs, Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy (yes they ARE worth reading!), Sandra Boynton, (writes the BEST children's books!)

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying 'poop deck'?

Picture child birth...then the epistemology....then the c-section...then ...well you get the picture....I've had a few surgeries..I'm sure I could keep a straight face. ;-)