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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction I'm a good-natured person who enjoys living.
Interests Dahly (our house rabbit), Robert (my husband), playing alto saxophone, learning music theory, drawing, excellent punctuation and grammar, looking outside the window, Diana (the cute one), Christmas carols, diagramming sentences, Ayn Rand, Objectivism, daydreaming about giving Ayn Rand a big hug, tap dancing, the primacy of existence, crocheting, karaoke, finding unusual things, taking pictures, encouraging others, being crafty, liquid teal eye-liner, being good to me, hatha yoga, DDR, crunchy vegetables, steak and chicken, victorian and old-fashioned things, wassail, history, speaking French, debunking altruism, spelling bees, cognitive psychology, taking classes and getting "A"s, saying hello to anyone who happens by, being thankful I live in America, being thankful there are no supernatural entities or gods - only things that are reasonable, exacting specific and well-thought-out acts of kindness, working hard and enjoying the results, looking for the good in others, jamming out on drums with Robert on guitar.
Favorite Movies Enchanted ("I am so angry - ha-ha - yaayy!!"), Spinal Tap, Zoolander, Anne of Green Gables, Drop Dead Fred, Life of Brian, Chocolat, Only Angels Have Wings, and many more.
Favorite Music "Christmas Swing" by Django Reinhardt (and much more by him), Yes, Steve Howe, swing music, happy classical piano music, deeply life-affirming works by Rachmanioff, Tchaikovsky, Delta blues (for when I need it!), '80s new wave, Roxy Music, old punk rock, Steely Dan, Beatles, The Remus Lupins, The White Stripes, The Ukrainians, and many more.
Favorite Books All Ayn Rand fiction - The Fountainhead especially, the Harry Potter series, histories of various holidays including Christmas and Halloween, general philosophy, general Objectivism, The Artist's Way, Voltaire, Harry Potter and many more.