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Introduction Born on a Nova Scotia Lighthouse, Three Top Island off White Head just west of Canso .Son of Robert and Syliva Conrad , I was their only child . Most of my paintings are created from my wonderfull childhood experiences around the White Head shore line in Nova Scotia. I have always enjoyed taking in the peaceful and untouched landscapes even after we moved to the mainland ,where I spent my teens , and lobster/trawl/net/ fishing with my dad which was handed down from all my forefathers on both sides. The long hours and shortage of making a reasonable living drove me and many of the lads to the cities where we could make a decent living.Many have returned because I do believe you can take a man away from the sea but you can never take the sea away from the man . It's in his blood to stay , no matter where he may be. The beautiful Eastern shorelines of Nova Scotia are something that all should be able to see and enjoy at least once in a lifetime and I can say I did just that and hope you can too.Aproximately 100 paintings on this Blog by pressing older post to move to veiu all other paintings .All Paintings are FreeHand and Orginals Thanks for looking . Have A Great Day